Research Reviews/Committees

Principal Investigators and their associated Research Administrators and Coordinators need to be aware of various UF-based reviews that are required for research studies or research activities that meet that review committee criteria. Examples include:

Frequently Used Research Review Committees

Committee DEscription
Cancer Data Integrity and Safety Committee (DISC) Oversees and monitors trials conducted by the UF Health Cancer Center
Cancer Investigator-Initiated Trial Concept Development Group (CDG) Reviews investigator-initiated studies planning to utilize UF Health Cancer Center CRO resources
Cancer Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee (SMRC) Reviews scientific merit, methodology, and validity of statistical analyses of cancer-relevant studies prior to activation
Informed Consent Financial Language Assessment (FLA) Drafts Costs and Subject Injury language for human subjects research Informed Consent Forms
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Reviews all requests for approval to use vertebrate animals in UF research projects
IRB-01 Gainesville Health Science Center Institutional Review Board for Gainesville Helath Science Center human subjects research
IRB-02 Behavioral/NonMedical Institutional Review Board for Behavioral/NonMedical human subjects research
IRB-04 Western IRB (WIRB) Institutional Review Board for industry-supported human subjects research
IRB Single/Central/Ceded (sIRB) Institutional Review Board for NIH multisite studies
Medicare Pre-approval for FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Studies Reviews all requests for approval to use vertebrate animals.

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