Getting Started

Welcome to the UF Research Administration Portal, also referred to as the UF RA Portal, or RAP for short. This website is comprised of both original content AND many links to already-existing content elsewhere (either on UF websites or on the World Wide Web).

Whether you’re a new research staff hire or a seasoned research admin, we hope you can find everything you need for grants management on this site. The following sections will give you quick tips for navigating the site.


The URL for the UF RA Portal is Most search engines will easily find the RAP if you search by  “UF RAP” or “UF RA Portal“.  We recommend that you also “favorite” the URL for quickest access. 

Organized by the Research Project Lifecycle

The Main Menu of RAP matches the steps in the Research Project Lifecycle.

On a desktop computer, you will see the Main Menu near the top of your screen:

RAP Main Menu - Desktop

On a phone or tablet, to see the Main Menu you have to click on the menu icon in the upper right of your screen, which will then display the Main Menu vertically:

RAP Main Menu Icon - Tablet or Phone
RAP Main Menu 2 - Tablet or Phone

Home Page

The first page you see when navigating to the RAP URL is the Home page. Anytime you can see the Main Menu, you can navigate back to the Home page.

On a desktop computer , click the Home icon on the left side of the Main Menu:

RAP Home Icon- Desktop

On a phone or tablet, simply click the word “Home” on the Main Menu:

RAP Home - Tablet or Phone

The Home page contains several sections. You will need to scroll down the Home page to see them all!

Links to Role-Based Welcome Pages

The first section of the Home page contains the purpose and summary of the RAP, and also has hyperlink buttons that will take you to research role-specific welcome pages.

RAP Home Role-Based Buttons

RAP Dashboard

The next section of the Home page is the RAP Dashboard. This section contains nine “cards” that describe important and unique resources you can find on the RAP. To go to one of the resources, simply click on the card or click the hyperlink at the bottom of the card:

RAP Home RAP Dashboard

RAP News

The next section of the Home page displays RAP News. This section contains articles and announcements related to UF Research Administration.

Under the articles, you will see a hyperlink button that will take you to our Subscribe page. There you can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter The RAP Sheet and/or time-sensitive announcements directly to your email inbox.

RAP Home News

RAP Calendar of Events

The last section of the Home page displays the RAP Calendar of Events. This section usually includes a featured event with a large image, a summary, and a hyperlink where you can learn more about the event.

RAP Home Calendar

Sub Menus

When you hover over or click on an item on the Main Menu, a Sub Menu opens. Depending on the subject, the Sub Menu can be fairly small or quite large.

Each Sub Menu has an Overview, which describes the area of research administration that this Sub Menu covers and also lists the sub pages for that subject.

On a desktop computer, you will also see the sub pages listed on the left side (you won’t see this list on a phone or tablet).

RAP Sub Menu Overview

Searching Tips

The main Search field in the upper right corner of your screen is the quickest way to locate something on the RAP. As you type into the Search box, a drop-down will appear and display some top results of pages that contain the text you typed. You can click on a drop-down result to look at that page.

Main Search Bar

You can also click on See all results. This displays a link to every page that contains your search string. You can sort the results several ways by clicking the options on the left.

RAP Search Results

Once you land on a page, if the page is long and you still can’t find what you are looking for, hold down your CTRL key and F key then retype your search string in the pop-up box.

Your search string will be highlighted on the page:


If the resulting page has a table, you may need to also search inside the table to find what you are looking for. See the next section for details.

Toolkits & Tables

Many menus include a Toolkit page at the bottom. Toolkit pages typically include a table that lists hyperlinks to a plethora of resources for a particular area of research administration. These resources might include forms, templates, checklists, tip sheets, guides, and links to training and other web pages. You can easily find items in the table several ways:

  1. Most tables only show 10 entries at a time. If you want to simply look for an item by scanning down the list, you can increase the number of entries shown by increasing the number in the Show 10 field at the bottom left of the table.
  2. You can also sort the table by columns by clicking on the tiny up/down arrows on the left side of each header of a column.
  3. The EASIEST WAY to find something in a larger table is to enter a search string in the Search box above the upper right corner of the table. As you type into the Search box, the table will only display rows that contain what you have typed.
RAP Tables

Invitation to Question, Comment, Contribute

The RA Portal is intended to foster grass roots community engagement and resource contributions. Users are strongly encouraged to contribute comments, ideas, and useful tools they may have created themselves or found elsewhere while working as research administrators.

Almost every page on the RA Portal has a link to our Contact Us form, where you can send us your question, comment, or contribution! We want to hear from you!