Departmental Set-up

  1. Meet with PI and Pertinent Parties.
    • Review the award with the Principal Investigator (PI). 
    • Highlight important award terms and conditions for the PI, such as effort commitments, publication restriction, travel restrictions, reporting requirements, deadlines, etc. 
    • Review awarded budget with the PI and update internal budget plan, as needed. 
    • Get PI confirmation of initial effort allocation for personnel assigned to the project.  
    • Plan for any major equipment purchases. 
    • As applicable, work with the PI to finalize budget. If major re-budgeting is required, you may need sponsor approval. 
    • If a subaward is included in the proposal, discuss the subrecipient monitoring plan. 
    • As applicable, work with the PI and other collaborating departments to allocate budget and confirm effort allotment for faculty/staff outside the home department. 
    • If applicable discuss cost share plans.
    • Discuss reporting requirements and deliverables. 
  2. Set up internal award/project files. 
  3. Add award/project to any internal spreadsheets 
  4. Thoroughly review award docs for any special administrative requirements. 
  5. Pay close attention to any special deliverable/reporting requirements. 
  6. Enter Mod for budget release. 
  7. Hire any staff that are not already on board. 
  8. Note and distribute any effort. 
  9. Enter any salary cost sharing commitments into commitments module if not included in initial award setup in UFIRST. 

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