Payroll Distributions (Commitment Accounting)

On most awards, payroll costs are the largest expenses.  Effectively managing who is paid from where and when is a critical component of award management. 

In an ideal scenario, employees working on the award are distributed to the correct project within the same pay period that work begins, or sooner:

  • The PI communicates in advance of any changes
  • The research administrator monitors projections closely
  • The research administrator advises the PI when funds will exhaust or expire
  • All parties are made aware when a new hire is made or someone is terminated

Striving for this ideal can be daunting, but there are resources and tools which make it possible.


2020-21 Schedule of Pay Periods

Reference this file when trying to determine pay period beginning and end dates.

Payroll Projection-Spreadsheet

An excel template which allows the calculation of payroll for multiple employees; automatically calculates fringe and tuition based on employee type and semester selections. 

HR Toolkit – Commitment Accounting

Use this HR toolkit to answer questions related to the commitment accounting module within myUFL.

Paying Tuition for Graduate Assistants

This instruction guide reviews the process for distributing tuition costs in myUFL.  This module is called “UF Grad Letters of Appointments” and is commonly referred to as an “LOA” or “Tuition Waiver”. 

When adjusting payroll distributions for graduate assistants, the tuition payments typically need to be adjusted proportionately for the semester.

Payroll Cost Transfers (retros)

This directive statement establishes the proper methods of completing and correcting payroll cost transfers, known as “Retros”. Be sure to review the Retros Involving Sponsored Projects section. 

A payroll cost transfer form (CTF) is prepared as part of the retroactive distribution process when the retro will negatively impact a sponsored project.  Note – this form can also be completed within the myUFL Commitment Accounting system via an online form.

This Retro Flowchart illustrates how Retros are processed and move through the system, and includes a timeline for the full cycle.

If the retro you are entering is affecting a prior year or involves an employee or cost center outside of your own unit (e.g. cross-department or college), you must submit a Payroll Distribution/Request Form (PDRR) per guidance provided by Finance and Accounting and your unit/college.

Don’t forget!  If you’re making a change to a graduate assistant’s distribution, you likely need to make a change to their tuition waiver as well.  If the LOA system has already closed, it must be changed via an E2E journal, following these instructions closely.

Resources in Development

  • Over the Cap (OTC) Calculator
  • Paying tuition as a scholarship (when student is not on an assistantship)
Have a resource to contribute?  Need a resource not listed here?  Let us know!