Effort Reporting

Effort certification is the method by which UF reconciles payroll charged on sponsored projects to the actual proportion of time spent on those projects.  It is also the official mechanism for recording the fulfillment of committed effort. 

Even if a research administrator is not responsible for effort reporting, an understanding of how this important process works is critical to effective award management.  The effort report is impacted by courses and contact hours, payroll distributions, effort commitments, and faculty assignment reports (FARs).  If the RA touches any part of these processes, that RA is impacting effort.


Academic Activities Reporting (AAR)

The AAR System is used for the identification of course instructors, the assignment of contact hours allocated to that course to the instructor(s) who taught it, and the correct employee record.

Payroll Distributions

An effort report must be certified for any individual charged to a sponsored project.  Payroll cost transfers (retros) which impact a certified effort report attract additional scrutiny.

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis facilitates the campus-wide effort certification process and conducts space allocation surveys.  This area also completes Facilities & Administrative (FnA) rate proposals and specialized cost reports.

HR Toolkit – Effort Reporting

Use this HR toolkit to answer questions related to the effort certification module within myUFL.

HR Toolkit – Faculty Assignment Report (FAR)

Use this HR toolkit to answer questions related to faculty assignment reports.

Manage Award Toolkit

Available effort related resources are numerous.  Visit the toolkit for an easy-to-search table of compiled resources.

RAFT Forum – Effort

Resources in Development

  • Responses to common questions from faculty.
  • Average weekly hours to percentage worksheet.
  • Worksheet – how to calculate remaining effort commitment.

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