Fiscal Processing (PCard-Travel-Purchasing-Deposits)

Nearly every sponsored research award will be touched by a fiscal process at some point.  The processing of various expense types is a part of daily life at UF, and understanding the allowability, allocability, and reasonableness of a charge is necessary for anyone processing on sponsored programs.


PCard at UF

Travel at UF

International Travel at UF

Purchasing at UF

Deposits at UF

  • Cash expense reimbursements – guidance for reimbursing an award for an unallowable charge.
  • Deposit logs – expecting a check from a sponsor?  Check the C&G deposit log for payments received which haven’t been associated with a particular award.

Research Computing

The Department of Research Computing provides comprehensive support for researchers that use HiPerGator, the university supercomputer.  This section provides guidance on using sponsored research funds for the use of HiPerGator as either a hardware or services purchase.

Guiding Cost Principles

In conjunction with 2 CFR Part 200 (i.e. the Uniform Guidance), this section provides an overview of UF’s cost principles in relation to federal sponsored awards.

Resources in Development

  • Participant Support Guide
  • Sample departmental forms (PCard submissions, TA/ER requests, etc.)
  • Examples of acceptable/unacceptable justifications for purchases
  • Capital Assets-building equipment with components under $5k threshold.
Have a resource to contribute?  Need a resource not listed here?  Let us know!