Budget Review and Transfers

During award setup, C&G has final input on whether or not a sponsored award has flexibility in spending.  In order to effectively manage any award, an RA must understand what re-budget restrictions, if any, exist on that award.


Budget & Commitment Control (KK)

A general understanding of how myUFL KK functions is helpful for anyone involved in budget management for sponsored research or any other fund.


Designed with faculty in mind, myinvestiGator functions much like personal internet banking platforms.  Review myiG Instruction Guides for more info.

Research Terms & Conditions (RTC)

A collection of federal agencies worked to develop the Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) to modify or provide clarification to provision of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200).  If the allowability of an award-related action isn’t specifically addressed in your award terms & conditions or program announcement, consult the RTC, if applicable.

Resources in Development

  • Examples of budget restriction language found in awards.
  • UFIRST instruction guide specific to re-budgeting requests.
  • Calculating budget adjustments affected by MTDC rates.

Have a resource to contribute?  Need a resource not listed here?  Let us know!