End of Award Purchases

Federal law and policy requires that federal grant funds awarded must be spent, and the items which have been purchased used, before the end date of the award. The grantee typically should not purchase items of equipment, computing devices, or restock materials and supplies in anticipation of grant expiration where there is little or no time left for such items to be utilized in the actual conduct of the research.

In the event of an audit by a Federal agency, any large purchases at the end of an award will be flagged and most likely will be disallowed resulting in, at a minimum, repayment by the awardee and potentially suspension or disbarment from future Federal funding.


However, federal funds may be expended subsequent to the end date of the grant to liquidate valid commitments that were made on or before the end date, e.g., commitment of project funds for subrecipient or contractor for services rendered during that award period but not billed to the grantee until after the grant expired. 

In addition, in accordance with 2 CFR ยง 200.461 Publication and Printing Costs, awardees may charge a federal award before closeout for the costs of publication or sharing of research results, even if the costs are not incurred during the period of performance of the award.