New Research Admin Communications Task Force

As part of a campus-wide initiative to develop an ever-expanding community that supports and leads to excellence the university sponsored programs that enhance the sciences, arts, outreach and scholarship, we are constituting a taskforce to help engage a diverse community of Research & Sponsored Program Administrators by developing an online environment (a “hub” if you will) and a full communications plan directed to this community.

The final online environment/communications plan will be promoted campus-wide and all those in the research & sponsored programs community will be strategically encouraged to access, leverage and contribute to it.  The current construction of the taskforce is designed to be a “working taskforce” assigned to complete the online environment/communication plan goal and advertise  to the campus by the due date of September 1, 2019, with a finalized plan for continuous improvement by December 1, 2019.

Ronda C. Mitchell, M.Ed.
Grants Training Manager
UF Human Resource Services
Training & Organizational Development